Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 6

Last week's weight:  149.0
This week's weight:  147.0
Weekly weight lost:  -2.0
Total weight loss:  -5.4

Yeah!  Looking good and going down!  I didn't do anything special this week but avoided salt and sodium.  This week is going to be super short as I'm dealing with a house full of sick kids (okay, it's only two -- but one is also getting his first teeth).  Plus my parents are coming this weekend and the Scientist & I decided that we needed to do a whole house deep-cleaning.  It has been almost two years since I have seriously deep-cleaned...

It's no joke.  I'll even take a four-hour no-sick-kid vacation...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 5

Last week's weight:  151.4
This week's weight:  149.0
Weekly weight lost:  -2.4
Total weight loss:  -3.4

Welcome to the 140's!!!

I also took my measurements this week as this is a month since the beginning of the "goal" -- my waist is down to 28.5! So I lost an inch on my waist!  I think that last week was actually a lot of water retention.  I tried to stay away from salty foods this week and look where I landed!

I also tried on a crap ton of my jeans -- I didn't realize how many pairs of jeans that I had.  Being as how I haven't put a pair on since last year (June at the latest) because I got pregnant, it was almost like going shopping!  "And you get a pair!  And you get a pair! And you get a pair!"


Most of my jeans fit, but there are still some that I would put back on the rack.  Plus the ones that fit still have a little ways to go to fit like before.  But I'm thrilled with the progress that I've made without committing to a serious exercise routine.  I can't seem to find the gumption to want to set the alarm to get up in the morning.

I'm not sure how there are people out there (specifically people who are at home during the day) that will workout or run in the late morning.  This girl needs a cup of coffee in the morning -- like "don't-mess-with-me-until-I-get-one".  How do you workout with all that coffee roiling around in your tummy?  If I could figure that out, maybe I could workout in the early afternoon while the little ones are napping.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 4

Last week's weight:  150.0
This week's weight:  151.4
Weekly weight lost:  +1.4
Total weight loss:  -1.0

My feet look quite 'roidy with those veins popping out of them. 

I took one look at the scale this morning and thought...

I really can't act surprised.  I knew that it was going to happen though.  I had pizza a couple of times this week -- including a frozen pizza last night for dinner.  Hello, water retention, wanna pull up a chair?  In fact, I even feel fatter than last week. 

I had great aspirations of being my exercise program this week.  But my foot is still feeling wonky from falling down the stairs two weeks ago.  It causes me the most pain in the morning right out of bed, which is basically the only time that I got to get my work-outs in and I've been putting it off.  I think that may have to just resign myself to the fact that it may be a case of olditis -- because in feeling my foot right now, it doesn't hurt -- okay, it does when I really spread out my toes.

All I got to say is that I'm super glad that I got an extra month.  This whole motivation thing is NOT working in my favor.  Working out sounds great until you actually have to start doing it.  Then you just feel like throwing in the towel and ordering a cocktail.

Throwing skinny thoughts out into the universe!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 3

Last week's weight:  151.0
This week's weight:  150.0
Weekly weight lost:  -1.0
Total weight loss:  -2.4

Because this is all I want to do lately...  EAT EVERYTHING!
Courtesy of Fish

Talk about slow progress. But I guess slow progress is better than no progress. And slow progress without exercising is all that one can hope for.  I am only a single pound away from losing +40 pounds since February 1st.  I can't wait to see the 140s again on the scale.

This summer has been kicking my ass of late.  Ever since my return from Iowa, I feel like my schedule is in constant upheaval.  We had family staying with us for a week two weeks ago and then we went to New York to the Scientist's family's summer cabin.  And we are heading up to the Catskills again this weekend.  But that should be the last thing item on the agenda that stands in the way of me and exercise (well, that and my lack of motivation).

I'm not kidding myself and fully realize that if I try to commit to a workout program right now, I would only falter and get really pissed off at myself.  So currently, I'm trying to be more active -- take more walks, not sit down on my ass as much.  It's working, but not as well as it should be.  I pretty sure know what program I'm going to be using, but have to pump myself up to nail down the final decision.

The Scientist and I have also discussed the timing of "The Goal".  We are pushing back "The Goal" until November due to my own need for photography perfection.  Certain environmental things need to look a certain way for me to be truly happen with these photos.  So we are down aiming for early to middle of November.  That gives me a little extra time, but I am going to still aim for the original date and use the extra weeks as bonus weeks should I need them.

I've also realized that these posts are probably really boring.  Apologies, but these posts are supposed to keep me accountable.  I hope to soon be able to return to some funny posts as well.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yaaaaaas, bitch!

 So despite the fact that my weight hasn't gotta the Thelma & Louise memo and taken it's dive over a cliff, I tried on a couple pair of jeans yesterday.  Gurl, they fit!!!!!!!

Now they weren't loose, but they weren't in the category of so smack-ass-tight that they shouldn't be seen in public.  And I got two pair on!!!!  Mind you, I only tried on two pair.  I didn't want to make myself feel terrible when another pair wouldn't fit.  So I quit while I was ahead and just tried on my two pair that I knew ran on the bigger side. 

Way to start a Friday!!!