Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thirsty Thursdays

No need to call DFS...  She is actually screaming and didn't drink a single drop.  But if you squint real hard, you can imagine her as a smelly bum with really bad breath...

Does anyone remember these?  Just another excuse to drink a day earlier than the weekend starts?  Very popular in college.  Fun fact:  In my freshman year in college, my parents set up a system with my bank to transfer $25 from my savings account (I worked during high school and the summer before I left for college and did something outrageous -- I saved my $$$) into my checking account that was linked to my SHAZAM card (that's what they were called before they were called debit cards).  Did you get that?!?  I lived off of $25 a week!  Now I didn't have a car or utilities to pay, but I did still go out and drink every Tuesday (80's night!), Thursday(25 cent well drinks!), Friday, AND Saturday that first semester of my freshman year.  Talk about resourceful!

Nowadays, thirsty refers to coffee and unsweetened tea.  Man, have I gotten lame.  In fact, last night I bought a big bottle of Chimay Red (my absolutely FAV) and couldn't even finish a half of the glass...  I've trading in my bar fly status for Mommy yoga pants and baby boogers!  And if I've being honest with y'all, I actually enjoy this better.  The scientist is still able to attend happy hour pretty regularly.  At the beginning, I used to be upset that he still got the social life.  Due to his late working hours and not being expected to be home before 7:00pm, he doesn't have to ask someone to come home and take care of a kid -- he just gets to go like in the old single days.  But then I realized something really powerful.

If I had to choose between sitting at a bar and drinking with co-workers or coming home and spending time with my sweet girl.  I know who wins hands down everytime.

We are having our own growing issues -- her into her role as a toddler and me into my role as mama.  But in the early pre-dawn twilight minutes that I got to rock her this morning, I realized that those 20 minutes of rocking in her room with her head resting on my chest, her bedhead hair tickling my nose.  Those are the moments that make life worth getting out of bed in the morning.  And waking for moments like that are SOOOOO much better than waking up with cotton mouth and a pounding headache.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heeelllllooooo in there.....

Just like Charlie Brown looking for Christmas cards and there aren't any... I'm shouting out to all the people reading this post -- and there aren't many...

This is me and I'm a scientist's widow, hence the name of the blog.  Two things that you need to know about me (there will be other things later)...

  • I'm not officially a widow -- my husband is still here and kicking.  But his science work tends to keep him away from home a lot longer than most normal people's careers would.  On most nights and if I'm lucky, I see him for a total of 2 hours (but it is not unusual for him to come home after we have went to bed).  We also have a 13-month-old daughter, two dogs, and three cats.  So for most nights, I'm a (sometimes) strong, independent woman who acts as a single mom and furry caretaker.
  • I come from a large Midwestern family (hence the cow calendar behind me).  He comes from a small East Coast-ian family.  And we are currently living over 600 miles away from my family in a city located on a Great Lake.  So we don't have any family support here.  Most often times, I need to utilize every ounce of energy to make this work (and sometimes it doesn't work).
This blog is a place to share my sometimes-funny, sometimes-crazy but always real stories about life as a scientist's widow.