Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 2

Last week's weight:  152.0
This week's weight:  151.0
Weekly weight lost:  -1.0

So this week's weigh-in is two days late.  We had family in town all last week and traveled to the scientist's family's summer cabin over the weekend -- just arriving late last night.  I'm happy with my weight this morning, not overjoyed -- but happy.

Due to the fact that we had family around for the entire week, I didn't get to exercise at all.  I have decided that I'm going to start my exercise program next Monday.  I was going to start this week, but I fell down the stairs on Saturday at the Scientist's cabin and probably sprained my little toe.  At the time, it hurt so severely that I thought that I had broken my foot.  But after a night's rest, I felt better and spent the rest of the weekend limping around.  It is still slightly tender & achy right now -- so I'm going to rest it for the remainder of the week.

I have two weeks down and ten weeks to go with 18 pounds to my ultimate goal.  I'm still aiming high, but realistic thinking is starting to sink in.

And now for the photos - my first update photos...  Don't think that you can really see a pound and a half.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 1

Last week's weight:  152.4
This week's weight:  152.0
Weight lost:  -0.4

Not super fantastic, but not bad.  Last week I was going to just focus on eating better.  I did spectacularly for the first three days -- then the train kind of derailed in the middle and I tried to pick myself back up near the end.  A loss is a loss and I'm going to take it.  But I know that it could have been even better as I saw it on the scale throughout the week.  This coming week, I'm going to focus again on my eating and also start to throw in some physical activity -- just trying for daily walks with the kids/dog.  We have family in town, so it's always difficult to start an activity plan when you aren't in your normal daily routine.  So I'm aiming for a new exercise regimen next week.

I'm not sure if I'm posting a photo update.  I always feel so silly taking selfies.  I'm obviously not very good at it and feel very awkward trying to get the phone out of the way so that I can actually see myself.  No one will be crowning me the Selfie Queen -- that's for sure!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And the countdown begins!!!!!!!!

13 weeks...

Instead of posting a current photo, I'm going to post some throw-back photos as inspiration.

Alright, so here is it...  Written in black and white...  (Okay enough to the ellipses... Ha -- for the final set!)

My weight as of this morning was 152.4 and my waist measurement was 29.5.  I am setting my goal weight as 133 (so just shy of 20 pounds, although the weight isn't as important as my measurements).  And my goal waist line is 27, which is 2.5 inches.  That doesn't appear to the naked eye to be that much, but most of my weight is on my lower tummy, hips and ass which have nothing to do with my waist line.  So there it is...  20 pounds and 2.5 inches. And while I can post the numbers, I just can't post a photo right now.  I took one and next week, if I'm feeling frisky, I'll post a side-by-side.  But the photo is just putting me over the top right now.

Right before I got pregnant with Finn, I was weighing in at 138 and at her one-year birthday, I hit 133, my lowest recorded adult weight (I have hovered around 127 eons ago, but that was also in my early twenties while in college and all I eat was raisin bran and ran four miles every day).  Before babies, my waist line was usually around 26 inches.  So I don't think that 133 pounds & 27 inches are unattainable.

I'm going to start out slow.  This first week, I'm simply going to watch what I eat and cut out a good chunk of my sugar.  I haven't really sat down and figure out what will work for exercise in my current life style.  By simply cutting sugar and making healthier food choices, I give myself an extra week.  I'm also breastfeeding my little guy.  He has an insatiable appetite and my gut feeling is that I'm not dropping baby-weight anymore because of my food choices.  By simply breastfeeding Finn over the course of a year, I was able to hit 133.  I didn't stop eating junk food or sugar.  I didn't exercise a lick.  I just breastfed her and she didn't eat near as much as my big dude does.  I just want to hit my goal a little faster, so I have to do some extra work.

While I am going to be cutting back on sugar and making healthier choices, I will let you know that I am not cutting out beer or wine.  I will still be having my daily.  I don't over drink -- in fact, I've only had a handful of two drink evenings since probably last year May.  I usually have a single drink; either while preparing dinner or with my meal.  It's my desert and my end-of-the-day relaxer -- it's NOT going anywhere.

I've already made ONE tough sugar decision today and chose fresh-out-of-the-garden peas over some processed sugar snack.  Thanks to my brother for being such a gentleman-farmer and giving me almost two gallons of fresh pod peas.  I don't wish to be the scientist in a day or two when I'm going through sugar withdrawal.  (Yes, it is a real thing and yes, I've done it before.)  Hopefully he will still be alive next week!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bumpdate: post 22 weeks

 I'm not posting a photo of myself yet.  It's the same as it was the last time I posted a photo at 13 weeks 9 weeks ago.  I still have a nagging 11-13 pounds to lose.  But now I have bigger fish to fry.  I've gone ahead and made a pretty big goal for myself.  I'm not going to share the reason yet.  But the goal is 20-25 pounds, three inches off my waist and I want to be able to do 25 pushups by the end of October.

I'm going to put my plan into action when we return from Iowa early next week.  At that time, I'll shame myself by putting my current weight and waist measurement up.  I'll also be holding myself accountable by putting up my weight weekly and my measurement monthly.  I will be taking all my measurements monthly, but the only one that really counts is my waist for my goal.

Part of this is spurred from the fact that I'm tired of wearing yoga pants as it really does count as 15 minutes of cardio trying to put my pants on and they still don't button.  I refuse to buy larger sizes and so I'm stuck in anything stretchy, which doesn't really look very good on someone who has about 15 pounds to lose.  I have a shit-ton of fabulous clothes that don't look good anymore.  Instead of buying a new wardrobe, I'm getting back down to my fighting weight.  There is another motivation for the new fitness goal which will be a surprise.  Photos will be involved and shared when the time comes.

I haven't decided how much detail I'm going to go into on here.  I'm going to let this be a fluid thing and do what feels necessary for me to achieve the end result.  In other words, I don't know how much I'm going to share about workouts, foods, progress photos and such.  But I will definitely be posting the numbers, both weekly and monthly. 

THERE!  I'm now accountable.