Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 10

Last week's weight:  145.0
This week's weight:  143.8
Weekly weight lost:  -1.2
Total weight loss:  -8.6

Not sure how this is working -- but it is!  Breastfeeding a kid that eats all the time works wonders on your waist line!!!!!  Oh, and another thing? 

Hello, pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!!!

 It only took 33 weeks to return to my pre-pregnancy weight.  But finally!  And now to lose some additional weight and inches to reach my goal!  I now have less than 10 pounds and 1 inch to reach my goal by November.  Not sure that I'm going to reach my weight goal, but I am very confident that I will reach my waist goal, which is the big one!

That's all I've got this week...  Catch ya on the flip side... 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 9

Last week's weight:  146.4
This week's weight:  145.0
Weekly weight lost:  -1.4
Total weight loss:  -7.4

Sorry I don't have a photo of the scale.  I weighed myself this morning and forgot.  This week has been a real doozy.  Our scale broke on Sunday -- well, okay, by "broke" I mean that it needed a new battery.  And of course, it's only of those crazy small ones that you can't find in the grocery store.

But also this past week, I have just felt in a fog.  I've slacked on certain aspects of my life that I don't normally slack in.  I couldn't figure out which day of the week it was.  I missed a couple of appointments due to not realizing what day it was.  I don't really know what my issue was.  But I have a renewed objective to "get my shit together".

Obviously, I didn't start exercising this week.  And maybe that was my fog issue.   This life shit is hard, yo.  Parenting is especially hard and trying to keep your life together while it revolves around everyone else seems to be even more difficult.  But tomorrow is a new day and I'll take it!

Lots of visions of organization and scheduling and not feeling so slumpy... 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 8

Last week's weight:  146.4
This week's weight:  146.4
Weekly weight lost:  -0.0
Total weight loss:  -6.0

So there was no weight loss this past week.  And there was no whole30 begun.  When I really started to look into the "paleo" diet, I realized that it was restricting A LOT of foods.  And with lots of restrictions come lots of failures and beating myself up about falling off the wagon.  I had also read a couple of articles that actually say that it's very easy to take the unhealthy road (meaning lots of meats -- a.k.a. very Atkins-ish).


So my new plan is next week, I'm beginning an exercise routine.  I'm going to begin P90x on Monday.  I have tried that program once before.  I only completed two weeks of it before the train derailed, but I had lost a notch on my belt in that two weeks.  It was before I had kids and I was working full-time, completing the program in the evening when I got home from work.  My goal this time is to get my work-out in first thing in the morning, so I have no excuses.

I am also going to cut out a lot of my sugar intake.  I'm not going to cut it out completley.  I need my sugar in my coffee (as I don't use creamer), I take my coffee black with a teaspoon of sugar.  But I'll be cutting back on the amount of sugar that I use.  Also, there is sugar in beer and I don't know if I want to give up my daily pumpkin beer (of lately).  So I am going to use my old rule -- no food that contains sugar in the first three ingredients.

Wish me luck!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let's Get Waist-ed: Week 7

Last week's weight:  147.0
This week's weight:  146.4
Weekly weight lost:  -0.6
Total weight loss:  -6.0

So we are still going down, slowly, but going down.  I'm 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 143.0 -- only taken me 7 months to get this far.  But I think that I'm going to do something a little drastic in order to reach my goal by November.  I still have 11 pounds to go in about 8 weeks.  I've been researching (which according to the Scientist, I shouldn't be able to use that word, because doing a google search is NOT researching).

But I'm really considering doing the Whole30.  From what I can gather about it, it's basically eating Paleo for 30 days straight.  What's Paleo you ask?  Paleo is the latest trend in eating.  You are eating only things that a cave man could eat.  That means that you are eating a lot of vegetables and fruit and meat.  You stay away from processed foods basically (you can eat processed foods, but with the list of things that you are NOT allowed to eat -- it's probably easier to skip them or get really good at ID'ing ingredients in the list).  And you stay away from dairy, sugar, gluten and alcohol.  THAT'S what I think that I'm going to have a problem with.

No dairy, no sugar, no gluten, & no alcohol.  They stay that you should actually stay away from all bread and pasta even if it is gluten-free to really get "in the zone of Paleo".  I think that it's going to be super difficult -- I don't know if I am going to be able to do it.  I can't rid my house of all the bad foods on their list because I have a toddler that needs dairy, eats sugar and gluten.  I have to do a little more research on it. But the research are usually pretty great.  You aren't supposed to step on the scale the entire 30 days because it's just a number.  You should put more importance in how you feel, the energy you have and how your clothes are fitting.  But I just read about some one who did it for the month of August and she was three month postpartum and she lost 13 pounds.  She ate a lot and she didn't take a hit to her milk supply (which is something that I need to consider as I'm still breastfeeding my littlest).

I'll update more later on my findings and if I'm going to committ to this for the next 30 days.